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Mobile Suits

Pilot: Chang Wufei
Model number:
Height: 16.4 meters
Weight: 7.5 tons
Armor materials: Gundanium
Standard armament:
Vulcans x2
Dragon Fang x 2
Flamethrower x 4
Twin Bean Trident x 1
Beam Cannon x 2

Ability Levels
Fighting: 170
Weapons: 140
Speed: 130
Power: 140
Armored: 120

As suggested by its name, which is derived from the Chinese phrase "two-headed dragon," this improved version of the Shenlong Gundam is equipped with an extendable dragon fang in each arm. Using both claws and their flamethrowers, the Altron Gundam can perform a lethal "twin dragon fang fire" attack. It's also armed with a twin beam trident, and a pair of turret-mounted beam cannons based on the Vayeate's main weapon. Lastly, a set of wing-like "random binders" enhance the Altron Gundam's mobility in space.