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The basic story

The year is AC 175(AC is after humans made colonies in space) and the Earth government established the United Earth Sphere Alliance to promote peace on Earth and the space colonies, but the Alliance is just a ploy by The Romefeller Foundation. In the name of peace the armies of The Romefeller Foundation, also known as Oz, take control of the space colonies. They use mech-like fighting machines known as Moble-Suits. After two decades of oppression, a group of rebels amongst the space colonies decided to show that they will not tolerate the iron grip of the United Earth Sphere Alliance any further. With the help of the five scientists who first developed the Mobile Suits,they draw up the plans for the first gundam Wing zero, but the Alliance gets drift of this and the 5 scientists are forced to seperate and go underground. The rebels create 5 different Gundam suits based upon the Wing Zero. These Gundam suits are no ordinary Moble suit. Because of their advanced technology, no ordinary pilot can pilot a gundam so each 5 scientists adopted and trained 5 children, each with very distinct personalities. Their mission is to destory the Earth Sphere Alliance.