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Mobile Suits

Deathscythe Hell(Gundam)
Pilot: Duo Maxwell
Model number:
Height: 16.3 meters
Weight: 7.4 tons
Armor materials: Gundanium
Standard armament:
Vulcan Gun x 2
Active Cloak x 1
Twin Beam Scythe x 1
Buster Shield x 1
Hyper Jammer x 2
Ability Levels
Fighting: 150
Weapons: 120
Speed: 170
Power: 120
Armored: 140

An improved version of the original Gundam Deathscythe, adapted for space combat. The Deathscythe Hell's "active cloak" uses the same defensive technology as the Mercurius's planet defensors, and doubles as a manuevering system; when opened, it bears an intimidating resemblance to a devil's wings. The Deathscythe's hyper jammers and beam scythe have also been upgraded for its new incarnation.