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Mobile Suits

Pilot: Trowa Barton
Model number:
Height: 16.7 meters
Weight: 7.7 tons
Armor materials: Gundanium
Standard armament:
Vulcan Gun x 2
Machine Cannon x 2
Beam Gatling x 1
Homming Missles x 6
Gatling x 2
micro missile x 24
army knife x 1

Ability Levels
Fighting: 110
Weapons: 160
Speed: 110
Power: 140
Armored: 140

The Gundam Heavyarms was created by resistance fighters at the L3 colony cluster. Designed for long-range attacks, this Gundam is packed with guns and missiles from head to foot. The Heavyarms's primary weapon is the lethal beam gatling worn over its left hand, supplemented by homing missiles in its shoulders, micro missiles on its legs, and gatling guns concealed inside its chest. When it's exhausted its ammunition, the Heavyarms must fall back on the small knife mounted on its right forearm.