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Vital Statistics
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Ethnic origin: Japanese
Place of origin: L1 colony
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Eye color: Prussian blue
Hair color: Dark brown
Occupation: Gundam Pilot
Mobile Suits: Wing Gundam, Mercurius, Wing Gundam Zero, Wing Gundam Zero Custom

Professor J trained and prepared Heero for Operation Meteor. Heero's mission is to blow up an alliance base in one of the space colonies. Unfortunately he miscalculated and the explosion caused civilian casulaties including a girl and a dog that he had met just before. When the remorsefull Heero buried the dog, Dekim Barton ordered Professor J to remove such human weaknesses. Heero has been trained to be ar uthless killing machine, equally proficient in mobile suit piloting, personal combat, demolitions, and computer hacking. His true name is unknown, but for this mission of revenge he has been code-named after the martyred leader of the space colonies. Though Heero's upbringing hasn't quite managed to squeeze all the compassion out of him, he is nonetheless callous towards his allies, and cold-blooded towards his enemies, and almost suicidally careless of his own life.His unexpected reluctance to kill Relena, after she discovers his identity, is the first step in Heero's gradual reclamation of his own humanity.