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United Earth Sphere Alliance
The original ruling military power of the Earth and outer space. They ruled the colonies with an iron fist and opressed many nations. This was the military power that destroyed the Sanc Kingdom. Later it was overtaken by the new military organization, OZ. Almost all of the people under the UESA were killed at the end. The leader of Marshall Noventa, who was about to discuss total peace with the colonies until he was killed by Heero Yuy.

The ruling military power under the control of the Romefeller Foundation. Treize Khushrenada was the leader until he resigned because of his unwilliness to accept the mobile dolls becoming the soldiers of the future. This group was then split into two factions. The Treize faction were made up of all the people loyal to Treize, and the others joined Romefeller.

Romefeller Foundation
The richest organization on Earth. Controls OZ and the old United Earth Sphere Alliance. The organization behind every plan. It was the unknown voice behind OZ, when they destroyed the UESA. It also planned for OZ to take over the colonies. The most powerful organization

Sanc Kingdom
Original nation under the rule of King Peacecraft, who was a total pacifist. Commited to bringing peace to Earth and the space colonies by diplomatic negotiations and peace talks. One day the whole nation was destroyed by the UESA. Only two people survived, Milliardo and Relena Peacecraft. Relena later became Princess of the Sanc Kingdom once again only for it to be destroyed by Romefeller.

White Fang
A new group of colony revolutionists that was formed by Quinze. The revolutionists are most reconizable by the white band that they all wear on their arms. They try to promote peace in the colonies by destroying OZ and the Romefeller Foundation. A very powerful group that has technology even greater than the Romefeller Foundation and OZ on their side.

Sweeper Group
An organization that salvages the remains of battle fields while not being in the battle itself. A neutral organization without any affiliation with any military powers. Duo and Howard are members of this group and eventually Hilde joins too.

The World Nation
Relena Peacecraft's idea of a unified Earth becoming one single nation to further promote total pacifism. This idea becomes a reality when she becomes part of the Romefeller Foundation and accepts her position as queen. While this does help peace on Earth, the colonies see this as a new threat to them and eventually declares war. After the final battle in which Battleship Libra was destroyed, both the Earth and the colonies realize their mistakes and form the Earth Sphere Unified Alliance.

Earth Sphere Unified Alliance
The colonies seeing the Gundams was always on their side and fighting for their cause finally realize that they had made a huge mistake in getting involved with this war between White Fang and the World Nation. Declaring themselves free from the White Fang, the colonies made peace with the Earth. The end result of all the wars was the Earth Sphere Unified Alliance, The next step toward total pacifism.