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Mobile Suits

Pilot: Quatre Winner
Model number:
Height: 16.5 meters
Weight: 7.5 tons
Armor materials: Gundanium
Standard armament:
Vulcan Gun x 2
Shield Flash x 2
Heat Shotel x 2
Homming Missles x 2
Cross Crusher x 1

Ability Levels
Fighting: 120
Weapons: 120
Speed: 110
Power: 150
Armored: 160

The Gundam Sandrock was created at the L4 colony cluster, using the resources of the wealthy Winner family. This powerful, heavily-armored Gundam is designed for hand-to-hand combat, and is particularly well-suited to desert conditions. Its main weapons are the curved, heat-radiating blades of its heat shotels; the Sandrock is strong enough to wield one of these huge blades with a single hand, or strike simultaneously with both. The Sandrock can mount its backpack, shield, and both heat shotels on its forearm to perform a deadly pincer attack called the "cross crusher."