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Triton Bloom(Mainly known as Trowa Barton)
Vital Statistics
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Ethnic origin:Latin
Place of origin: L3 colony
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Eye color: Dark Green
Hair color: Brown
Occupation: Gundam Pilot
Mobile Suits: Gundam Heavyarms, Vayeate, Gundam Heavyarms custom.
Trowa is undoubtably the most mysterious and calm of the gundam pilots. He seldom speaks or talks. not even smiles!! For cover during his mission he joins up with a traveling circus as the most dispassionate clown. Trowa is a gifted and fearless acrobat, and uses his talent as an acrobat with his gundam making him even more fearful to his enemies.

Despite his youth, Trowa is an experienced professional soldier. His preferred combat tactic is to stand his ground and spray the battlefield with an endless hail of bullets, though every now and then he'll dispatch an enemy with his acrobatic trademark move - a mid-air triple spin, ending in a deadly knife slash.