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Mobile Suits

Wing Zero (Gundam)
Pilot: Heero Yuy
Model number: XXXG-00W0
Height: 16.7 meters
Weight: 8.0 tons
Armor materials: Gundanium
Standard armament:
Vulcan Gun x 2
Machine Cannon x 2
Twin Buster Rifle x 1
Beam Saber x 2

Ability Levels
Fighting: 150
Weapons: 150
Speed: 160
Power: 140
Armored: 140

Designed fifteen years ago - but never actually constructed - by the same scientists who sent the five Gundams to Earth, this immensely powerful mobile suit is the ancestor of all the Gundams. Whereas the five later Gundams were made for use on Earth, the Wing Gundam Zero is designed for space combat. It can transform into a "neo bird mode," and is armed with a twin buster rifle more than twice as powerful as that of the Wing Gundam. With its superb performance and immense firepower, this antique design would surely be the ultimate Gundam... were it ever built.